Month: December 2013

Choosing An IT Team

Choosing a great IT team. What questions you should ask first?

Though there are many information technology businesses out there, few have the decades of experience to ask the right questions and handle ALL the important aspects of your network. Accurate Data Networks will help you take care of all your network needs, allowing you to focus on the important thing – your business.

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cloud solutions

What is a Cloud Solution, and is it The Right Thing for Me?

A cloud solution is a simple way to describe a service or an application that is hosted in server farms, or what we will refer to as the “cloud.” These servers could be located in different states, or even different countries, yet they are still linked between them for redundancy and connected to your network. […]

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Wireless Networks

Using Wi-Fi in Public – What You Should Know

The last time I got a cup of coffee at Starbucks and looked around, I saw a laptop on almost every single table, and customers who were either students or business people working, and I assume at least few of them connected to the web via the local Wi-Fi network that Starbucks provided. If you […]

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data recovery

What is Data Recovery – and how can it Save My Business?

The best way to avoid the risk of losing your business is to have a solid backup plan and a disaster recovery plan in place. If you have these two things in hand, you will reduce the needs for data recovery and potentially save your business should disaster strike. Data recovery service is a complex […]

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Ransom CryptoLocker Virus causing havoc to PC users

On any day – there will be multiple new viruses written and spread out on the web, via email and other means. This virus is not much different than many others in the past in the way that it spreads, but what makes it unique is the destructive payload that it carries. The virus is a […]

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Email and Spam Solutions

Saving Money by Using External Mail Filtering

Would you like to stop the cascade of spam and virus problems plaguing your computers? How about saving the thousands of dollars lost in time and labor costs from the damages caused by spam and viruses? A simple and affordable solution does exist. How does Mail Filtering work?  Using Mail Filtering technology, spam, viruses, phishing […]

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The Blown Battery in MacBook Air

The picture included is what the battery looked like when taken out of a MacBook Air. You can imagine how badly the battery bent the metal casing of the MacBook Air, making it a challenge to remove some of screws. In this case, the battery is from 2008, but we thought was so odd is […]

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pc backup

Best practices for backup of Windows 7

As a Data Recovery company, and an IT services company we address both the challenge of setting proper backup systems, and recovering data when needed. For users of Windows 7 computers, it is a very simple process to create a local backup. All that you need is to use the built-in backup software from Microsoft, an […]

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Mac Backup

Best practices to backup your Mac

   Over the many years we found that using a combination of two programs (both free), will allow you to have a great backup system for your local Mac.  All that you will need is to have an external hard drive (or preferably two). The two programs that we use are SuperDuper (which you can […]

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