What is Data Recovery – and how can it Save My Business?

data recovery

The best way to avoid the risk of losing your business is to have a solid backup plan and a disaster recovery plan in place. If you have these two things in hand, you will reduce the needs for data recovery and potentially save your business should disaster strike.

Data recovery service is a complex art of expertise that involves in-depth understanding in electronic board level repair, hardware, and software. Not just anyone has the know-how of the processes needed to assemble data from a broken RAID solution on a server, or perform the complex recovery of data from an executive laptop.

Data Recovery: The Right Tools

Here at Accurate Data Networks we have invested in a clean room solution with a specialized airflow that allows us to perform repairs on sensitive parts in a contamination free environment. This enables us to solve the most complex problems when it comes to replacing internal components of hard drives such as read/write heads, motors and other electronic parts.

Data Recovery: The Right Engineers

In the catastrophic situation where you find that your only source of data is on a hard drive that you don’t have a backup for, we can step in and help you with the recovery of the data files. It is critical that you have the recovery performed by engineers that are trained and qualified to do such work. Our engineers have decades of collective experience in data recovery and some of the best training in the field. The best chances for recovery are on the first attempt, and ONLY done by using a qualified engineer with the proper equipment and parts.

Data Recovery: An Open Invitation to Secure Your Data and Save Your Business

We invite you to come and see our lab, and our data recovery process. We work with end users, corporate offices, attorneys and other forensic firms that need our data recovery services.

At the end of the day, the data we recover for a business will make the difference between keeping them in business or shutting down their doors. We take extreme care to make sure that every step in the process is completed in the best way to retrieve any data file we can.

If you are even in a situation of a hard drive, or other media gone bad – don’t panic and attempt to do self-repairs. Call us at once. We will guide you with the best options on how to recover the data and keep your business running.

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