Month: January 2014


Microsoft XP Users: Urgent Deadline Nears to Upgrade XP Computers to Windows 7 Pro

The clock is ticking. If you didn’t know, the deadline for replacing XP Pro computers with Windows 7 Pro computer (the preferred operating system), is April 8, 2014. After the Deadline, All XP Users Will Be Targeted and at Risk from Hackers This deadline was established by Microsoft as the final date that they will […]

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Security Breach

It’s Not Just Target Customers: 8 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Future Security Breaches

If you are a Target customer, you must have heard that the information of 40 million credit cards have been stolen from Target stores. If you have used a credit card at Target, this is very concerning. But the truth is this can happen anywhere, to ANYONE, at any store. Wondering what to do? Don’t […]

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