Microsoft XP Users: Urgent Deadline Nears to Upgrade XP Computers to Windows 7 Pro

The clock is ticking. If you didn’t know, the deadline for replacing XP Pro computers with Windows 7 Pro computer (the preferred operating system), is April 8, 2014.

After the Deadline, All XP Users Will Be Targeted and at Risk from Hackers

This deadline was established by Microsoft as the final date that they will release any new critical and security updates for Windows XP. How does that affect you? If you are using a Win XP computer, and are connected to the web, or on a network – your system will be one huge target for hackers. All that it takes is a browser that is not protected to visit an infected web site, and the rest is history. You are likely to get infected with malware or a virus (like a brand new zero-day infection that will not be detected). With a compromised system, you are giving the keys to your network away to hackers.

Time is of the Essence

We strongly recommended and urge all of our clients and prospective clients to plan and budget for this huge migration NOW. If you recall Y2K – this is a mini-version of that all over again. There will be huge demand for new hardware from Dell and other vendors. We already noticed that a certain popular configuration of workstations is not available, and others already have a waiting list that is weeks long. In a recent technical survey regarding operating systems in use, XP is still installed on 30 percent of computers around the world. That is a huge number, and it will take a long while to replace these systems.

It is Essential to Prepare Now

What can you do at this time? Call us immediately. The starting point will be to make an assessment of what hardware you have in place, what can be upgraded and what needs to be replaced. The next phase would be to come up with a reasonable plan that allows for changing of the workstations a few at a time, and budgeting the entire project.

To protect your business from security attacks, and to stay current with technology and performance improvements from newer hardware and software, we strongly recommend that you contact us at once to discuss your unique situation and plan the necessary upgrade to your XP systems.  We at Accurate Data Networks are your technology partners for the future.

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