Best Apps for Business and Fun

acc_app_iconThis is a great collection of apps that will keep you productive, educated, entertained, and just having fun.

1. Evernote – the one app to put all your notes, lists, web site clips, anything!
2. Bloomberg – financial information, news from the world
3. Zite – fun reading collection of articles per your selection
4. Seeking Alpha – investments, research on the stock market
5. Dropbox – save your information. Avoid confidential documents.
6. Netflix – enjoy streaming movies
7. Pandora – enjoy streaming music
8. Cycloramic – fun 360 auto taking pictures
9. Skype and Viber – Free calling, video conferencing
10. Sign now – Esignature solution for business
11. Lookout – Security for Android devices
12. Cool Facts – Fun facts to kill time, and learn something interesting
13. 30/30 – You have never experienced a task manager like this!
14. Sunrise Calendar – For Google calendar, Exchange and for Icloud
15. Wickr – Leave no trace…

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