About Us

Don’t Trust Just Anyone With Your Network

Although there are many upstart information technology businesses competing for your business, few have the decades of experience and genuine expertise to get the job done right. Our engineers are of the highest caliber and up to the challenge of servicing your entire computer network.

We Know That Real Information Technology Solutions Require Genuine Expertise

Computer networks are complex systems that need veteran experts versed in multiple disciplines to handle them. Our engineers have the training and hands-on experience to deliver quality service you can trust, with everything from network design & support, cloud solutions, virtual & wireless networks, backup solutions & disaster recovery planning, antivirus & security solutions, as well as application support and a host of other services.

It All Started with Asher Dahan, President and Founder

At age 14, Asher Dahan would take apart and fix anything that had electronic components in it. His passion and curiosity to learn how things worked led him to the field of electronics, where he quickly mastered how to work on any PCB board. After earning his electronics degree, and serving in the Israeli Air Force in the field of electronics, he continued his passion by establishing his first computer company in Los Angeles in 1991.

Comprehensive Experience and Knowledge

Earning his Microsoft Certified engineer degree, and working with thousands of clients in the greater Los Angeles area, provided him the opportunity to become an expert in the field of software, desktops, servers, networks and security. He and his growing team assisted many clients with their network needs over the years, and have successfully serviced thousands of cases.

Accurate Data Networks Team is a Cut Above the Rest

Over the years, Asher has assembled an experienced team that meets his highest level of standards. 35 years of experience in the field of network design & installation, security, disaster recovery & backup solutions, board repair, software and hardware, servers and data recovery adds up a to unique set of skills that few people can compete against. This makes Asher and his team a one-stop shop that can provide ALL of your IT Services to completely support and improve your network.

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