What is a Cloud Solution, and is it The Right Thing for Me?

cloud solutions A cloud solution is a simple way to describe a service or an application that is hosted in server farms, or what we will refer to as the “cloud.” These servers could be located in different states, or even different countries, yet they are still linked between them for redundancy and connected to your network.

The concept of a cloud solution is that some of the programs that you currently running internally can be moved to the cloud, or a new application that you would like to use (and not yet own) can be hosted in the cloud for your business.

Cloud vs. Local: You Will Benefit From a Custom Analysis

This may sound simple to do, but there are plenty of complexities to consider, including security of your data, performance, data speed, failover and redundancy.

We work with the big players in the cloud hosting services. Based on a custom analysis of costs of working locally or in the cloud, we can recommend solutions that will work best for the specific needs of your business. Our 23 years of experience in working both with local networks and with cloud solutions gives us huge leverage from an engineering and business standpoint to understand the pros and cons of going either way. What we assure you is that after our expert review you will have a reliable and unbiased report that recommends what is best for your business, so that you can make the right decision. Often the real solution will end up being a mix of some of your technology staying local, and part of it that can be migrated safely to the cloud, hosted as a cloud solution.

We would like to meet with you and address any questions that you may have on this complex issue, and assist you in finding and implementing the best solution.

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