Best Apps for Business and Fun

This is a great collection of apps that will keep you productive, educated, entertained, and just having fun. 1. Evernote – the one app to put all your notes, lists, web site clips, anything! 2. Bloomberg – financial information, news from the world 3. Zite – fun reading collection of articles per your selection 4. […]

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The Ultimate Planning Guide for Moving Your Business

At some point in time you are likely to need to move your business from one location to another.  This blog offers advice on making the process as easy as possible, avoiding major pitfalls and downtime. This guide is the result of 25 years of experience and each one of the recommendations is based on […]

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The Importance of Critical Personal Data Recovery to Probate and Trust Attorneys

What do you do when your loved ones are no longer with you, and you suddenly find that there is no paper trail or documents to show the location of financial assets? This issue came to our attention when one of our IT partners referred us to a law firm specializing in Trust and Probate. […]

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Microsoft XP Users: Urgent Deadline Nears to Upgrade XP Computers to Windows 7 Pro

The clock is ticking. If you didn’t know, the deadline for replacing XP Pro computers with Windows 7 Pro computer (the preferred operating system), is April 8, 2014. After the Deadline, All XP Users Will Be Targeted and at Risk from Hackers This deadline was established by Microsoft as the final date that they will […]

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Security Breach

It’s Not Just Target Customers: 8 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Future Security Breaches

If you are a Target customer, you must have heard that the information of 40 million credit cards have been stolen from Target stores. If you have used a credit card at Target, this is very concerning. But the truth is this can happen anywhere, to ANYONE, at any store. Wondering what to do? Don’t […]

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Choosing An IT Team

Choosing a great IT team. What questions you should ask first?

Though there are many information technology businesses out there, few have the decades of experience to ask the right questions and handle ALL the important aspects of your network. Accurate Data Networks will help you take care of all your network needs, allowing you to focus on the important thing – your business.

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cloud solutions

What is a Cloud Solution, and is it The Right Thing for Me?

A cloud solution is a simple way to describe a service or an application that is hosted in server farms, or what we will refer to as the “cloud.” These servers could be located in different states, or even different countries, yet they are still linked between them for redundancy and connected to your network. […]

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Wireless Networks

Using Wi-Fi in Public – What You Should Know

The last time I got a cup of coffee at Starbucks and looked around, I saw a laptop on almost every single table, and customers who were either students or business people working, and I assume at least few of them connected to the web via the local Wi-Fi network that Starbucks provided. If you […]

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data recovery

What is Data Recovery – and how can it Save My Business?

The best way to avoid the risk of losing your business is to have a solid backup plan and a disaster recovery plan in place. If you have these two things in hand, you will reduce the needs for data recovery and potentially save your business should disaster strike. Data recovery service is a complex […]

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Ransom CryptoLocker Virus causing havoc to PC users

On any day – there will be multiple new viruses written and spread out on the web, via email and other means. This virus is not much different than many others in the past in the way that it spreads, but what makes it unique is the destructive payload that it carries. The virus is a […]

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