Choosing a great IT team. What questions you should ask first?

  1.  Does your IT company understand your business and look for ways to improve business processes through technology?
  2. Do you believe that your IT company cares about your business?
  3. Does your IT company show up on time for calls? What happens in the event of an emergency?
  4. Do you have proper network documentation, including all passwords?
  5. How many technicians are working on your network? How often do you see new faces?
  6. Do you have all current critical and security updates installed on both your servers and your workstations?
  7. Is it common to have the same problem “fixed” time and time again?
  8. Is your backup running properly? Do you have someone who checks the logs?
  9. Do you suffer from viruses and daily spam?
  10. Is your Internet connection reliable and do you get the speed you purchased?
  11. Do you have any network redundancy? Data? Internet?
  12. Is security set up properly? Are security logs checked on a regular schedule?
  13. Does your IT company have a disaster recovery plan in place in case something goes wrong?
  14. Did you visit the offices of your potential IT team? We highly recommend doing so before making a decision.  A well run IT company will have done a great job maintaining their own network. If you are not impressed in what you are seeing in your visit, you likely know what to do. We invite you to come and visit our offices and see how we implement all of the technical recommendations we told you about.

Though there are many information technology businesses out there, few have the decades of experience to ask the right questions and handle ALL the important aspects of your network. Accurate Data Networks will help you take care of all your network needs, allowing you to focus on the important thing – your business.

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