Saving Money by Using External Mail Filtering

Email and Spam SolutionsWould you like to stop the cascade of spam and virus problems plaguing your computers? How about saving the thousands of dollars lost in time and labor costs from the damages caused by spam and viruses? A simple and affordable solution does exist.

How does Mail Filtering work? 

Using Mail Filtering technology, spam, viruses, phishing and other threats are eliminated before they can ever reach your network. That’s because Mail Filtering sits between the Internet and the email server, analyzing and filtering all messages before they reach the computer. This preemptive email security service moves the battle against spam and viruses outside of the email system to the network perimeter. As a result, the Mail Filtering solution reduces the complexity of email operations, lowers costs, saves time, and minimizes risk because spam and newly evolving email threats are dealt with before they have a chance to impact the email system.

Email Filtering

No Installation.  No Training.  No maintenance.

Mail Filtering can be activated in a short time with a simple modification to your DNS MX records and settings on your firewall. Once the solution is activated, all email flows through Mail Filtering data centers where threats are blocked. There is no hardware or software installation, no special training required of your staff, and never any maintenance or updates to worry about.

We work with top Mail Filtering partners, and can set this solution on your network. Call us for details.

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